Day 19

Posted May 12, 2009 by drooskee
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BW: 179.8

WOD: 15 burpees (on the floating dock thing), 1 sprint up the bleachers, 5 rounds for time [12:53]


9:00 – 12 oz skim milk

12:30 – handful of nuts, 5-6 turkey deli meat slices (~ 4 oz), 1 cup of yogurt, 2 oz flax seeds

20:00 – 1 string cheese, 12 oz of water, 1 Lara bar, hella nuts

22:00 – 1 chicken deluxe siopao, sans entire bread (woo hoo New Town Bakery!!), 24 oz of skim milk

No Dru today at the workout so Max, Winnie, and I had to make up our own. Dru said we shoulda added pull ups. Damn. I thought it was pretty damn hard already. Haha.


Challenge Day 18

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Sleep: 6 hours

BW: 179.8!!

WOD: Tabata Intervals (Squats, One-arm DB Push Press [30#], Tuck Jumps, Pushups, KB Swings [16kg]) [56]


6:30 – 12 oz skim milk

9:30 – 1 string cheese, 1 large apple

14:45 – 1 sting cheese

16:00 – 1 apple

21:00 – rotissere chicken from Albertson’s (1 drumstick, 1 thigh, some of the breast, tabasco sauce), 24 oz of skim milk, 1 slice of turkey deli meat, ~5 oz of coleslaw

I did it! I finally did it! I got under 180 pounds! Seeing that “7” in the tens place really made my day. I started getting a little discouraged that I wasn’t losing more weight, and that all my hard work was for naught. Alas, here I am, sitting at over 25 pounds lighter than I was 9 months ago; 7 pounds lighter than when I got back to the Philippines in January. Yeah, that doesn’t seem like much. But I don’t think that weight is the only way to measure how much my body has changed. At any rate, it is definitely a good ass feeling to be where I am now. About 11 more pounds til I reach my goal!! (I think I can lose about 6 of those during the rest of the challenge. Lets hope so, at least.)

Challenge Day 17

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WOD: 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 15 squats, 400m run, 4 rounds for time [11:15]


8:30 – ~4oz of chili (leftover from yesterday), 12 oz skim milk

9:15 – 1 hard boiled egg, 1 string cheese, 8 oz of water

12:15 – 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 string cheese, 2 handful of mixed nuts, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 6 oz mandarin oranges, 16 oz of water

19:30 – 1 hard boiled eggs,  2 string cheese, 1 handful of nuts, 12 oz of water

20:30 – <1/4 cup of cottage cheese, ❤ oz of mandarin oranges (my leftover from lunch), 12 oz skim milk, 1 string cheese, 1 apple, some nuts.

Meals aren’t very creative, I know. But everything is within the guidelines AND I’m feeling full and losing weight. And I’m still satisfied with everything. The weekend is coming!

Day 16

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WOD: “21” – 20 pushups, 1 sit-up, 19 pushups, 2 sit-ups, … , 1 pushup, 20 sit-ups, for time. [30:30]


7:25 – 12 oz skim milk

9:30 – 1 string cheese, 14 oz of water

12:50 – 2 string cheese, 1 pint skim milk, ~10 oz of chili

20:00 – 2 piece KFC meal thing ala Oprah, 10 hot wings, 12 oz of water (pretty bad for dinner, I know.)

21:30 – 3 meatballs

Blah. Stupid KFC. Stupid hot wings. Stupid fat Oprah. Thank you for contributing to the obesity epidemic in the United States. And thank you for effing up my diet. Just…thank you so much.

Week 3 already…?

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…does that mean that we are almost halfway done?

[Day 14]

BW: 181.8 lbs (I love cheating the night before…and then losing a pound!)

WOD: Fil-Night for time.


11:50 – 12 oz of skim milk

12:45 – 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and peaches, 2 string cheese

13:30 – 1 bottle of water, 1 string cheese (during the performance sometime…)

18:00 – basket of rib tips (with one left, and almost all the fries left), 4 hot chicken wings (I was full. So I pussed out.), 24 oz of water

[Day 15]

BW: 183.0 lbs (I knew it was too good to be true. hahaha)

WOD: 4 rounds for time of 400m run, 50 squats [14:11]


9:00 – 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and peaches, 12 oz skim milk

11:00 – 27 oz of water

12:30 – 1 regular Arby’s Chicken Shakers, 1 regular roast beef sandwich, sans the top bun, 2 packets of Horsey Sauce, and 2 packets of Arby’s Sauce (those were the deal breakers. crap), 12 oz of water

20:15 – 1 large apple, 16 oz skim milk, 3 string cheese, 2 handful of cocoa almonds (you guys gotta try these), and I tasted my mom’s spaghetti sauce.

Good start to the week. I should be a lot more focused, seeing as my workload will decrease, along with my extracurricular activities (I think…) I always love having new people workout with us to motivate me, so having a Marine there today helped me a lot. We’re halfway done with the challenge this week, so I really gotta step it up to see some results. I’ll really put in the work this week. School is almost over!!

Got a lot of time at Fil-Night…time to FINALLY update.

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Day 8:

WOD: Fight Gone Alright [282]


7:00 – 1 fried egg

10:00 – 27 oz of water

12:45 – Mickey D’s Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad, sans dressing, sans tortilla chips, 1 parfait

20:45 – 1 string cheese

21:45 – 12 oz skim milk, 1 apple

23:30 2 string cheese, 12 oz skim milk, couple handful of nuts,  ~ 7 small slices of turkey deli meat (maybe ~3-4 oz)

Day 9:

WOD: tabata SLEEP


12:30 – 2 fish taco

15:30 – handful of cocoa almonds

22:45 – homemade chicken quesadilla, 16 oz grapefruit juice, peach (vomit flavor) Propel

Day 10:

WOD: 5 Rounds for Time of 30m waiter’s lunge, 100m waiter’s walk [17:06, 35#]


8:00 – 2 fried eggs, 4 strips of bacon

10:00 – 1 string cheese

12:15 – 3 large oranges, handful of nuts

19:50 – 1 string cheese

20:45 – sushi at Sushiland, sans rice (all salmon), miso soup, 10 oz green tea, edamame, 16 oz of water

22:30 – 2 large oranges, 2/3 cups of cottage cheese, peaches

Day 11:

WOD: tabata Fil-Night. hahahaaa…


8:50 – 2 chicken (breast) tocino, 16 oz skim milk

13:15 – gyro, sans pita, 12 oz of water

22:30 – 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 5 peach halves

22:45 – Mickey D’s Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad, sans dressing, sans tortilla chips, double hamburger (didn’t know they sold those…), sans bun, 16 oz of water

Day 12:

WOD: Helen; 3 Rounds for time of 400m run, 21 kb swings, 12 pull-ups [12:XX, 35# kb swings]


7:25 – 6-8 oz pork tocino, 12 oz skim milk

11:45 – Lamb Kabob salad, 8 oz of water, Powerbar (yuck)

Day 13:

WOD: rest. or tabata karaoke.


00:45 – Country Fried Steak and Eggs @ Beth’s, 16 oz of water

11:45 – half a serving of hash browns (from last night’s Beth’s excursion)

14:15-17:30 – ham and turkey rolls, little sandwiches from QFC, 3 bottles of water

Ok. So. This has been a busy week for my in terms of school and stuff. Got barely any sleep in the beginning of the week, and then had to get through clinical the rest of the week. Tuesday was rough since I only slept for an hour the night before…I even fell asleep without Crossfitting. BLEH. I’ve only worked out 3 times so far this week, and I hope to run after Fil-Night. We’ll see though. What a crappy week. Maybe I’ll add an extra at the end. I dunno, I want to keep Crossfitting forever anyway. Hahah. Ok, time for some Fil-Night action. Probably the last time I will be acting in this thing ever. Maybe. Coz sometimes it’s hard to walk away from things like this.

Challenge Day 7 (Playing catch-up!)

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Done with week 1!

Sleep: 6 hours

WOD: Football!! For two hours! [We won 7 touchdowns – 3 touchdowns]


8:00 – 16 oz skim milk

10:10 – 3 poached eggs, 3 slices of “Canadian bacon” (it was really just ham), 1 slice of an English muffin, hollandaise sauce (the devil made me do it!), 16 oz skim milk

14:00 – handful of nuts, 27 0z of water during football

17:30 – Royal Red Robin burger sans bun, sans fries, sans mayo, two melon slices, 3 glasses (maybe 12 oz each?) of water

20:00 2 string cheese, chocolate milk (my new guilty pleasure), handful of nuts

Football was awesome today. I haven’t played in a while now, so it was great to be out there to hit some people. Crossfit has DEFINITELY made me quicker and stronger. I got off the line fast on defense and I thought I hit pretty solid today. My passes were pretty accurate on offense too, so I’m happy overall. It just feels good to do something with all the exercising that I have been doing. It’s like today I got to reap some of the benefits of working out so much. Ahh, I cannot wait til June 1st! But honestly, that’ll just be the next checkpoint.