It’s been a while, old friend.

So the challenge has been long gone, and now I’m just in the process of maintaining all that I have acheived. The results of the 6 week challenge have been subtle, but the roadblocks and speedbumps along the way really tested my willpower and drive. Coming out about 8 pounds lighter, and feeling better is a huge accomplishment. Now, I just gotta zero in on the last few pounds (even though overall weight isn’t as important as body fat percentage…but until I get on a Bod Pod, then weight will have to do) in order to really feel like I have changed. Though injuries have slowed me down, I have learned how to compensate and thrive. My elbow has been bothering me, as my bursitis still has not subsided completely, and the mere thought of extraneous activity to my left arm causes my elbow swell up to the size of a golf ball. But now, instend of stopping and allowing two or more weeks of rest I simply move to working out one handed. Sometimes its not about rest. Sometimes it’s about functionality and getting stronger. If we had to hunt for our food, and an elbow injury prevented me from doing work, then I would starve. Sound a little farfetched? Probably. But if the day comes when we have to harpoon fish in order to eat, then don’t blame me for the fact that you rested both arms when only one elbow hurt while I trained my good one. Yea, I might need to catch up with my left arm after my elbow heals, but at least I’ll still be able to kick ass with one arm.

July will be my hardest month of work. Since the few of us started two-a-days (Slim, Chubs, & Pao!!) I’ve felt better than ever. My workout regimen is more strict, so I just need to focus more on 1) diet and 2) sleep, both of which have given me problems all my life. It’s also tough too since I’m working a lot on the weekends, and studying for the NCLEX-RN (my board exam to get my RN license).  Can’t complain though. Life is good. Actually life is great. Plus, I keep telling myself that the work I’m doing now is for the future. Pao and I had that conversation in the car on our way to one of the workouts after reading an article Dru posted. As much as it hurts now, the sacrifice that we are enduring will put us in a better place in the future. I want to be able to die never having to use a walker. I want to climb the stairs without feeling like I’m scaling Mt. Everest. I want to keep up or outrun my future children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. I’m gonna keep putting in the work so that I can build a good FOUNDATION for my future.

Good work to all those who have been working out mad crazy. Your dedication has motivated me to try harder. I notice each time how all of us have things that make us better than at one thing than another person, in particular, ME (Winchor with your insane 20 Tabata Squats, Pao with your freakin’ muscle-ups, Sheena with your 69 Tabata This score, and Slim with your ever increasing back squat PRs). All of you make me want to be better. Hopefully, I motivate you too. As we have developed into a core unit it really does feel like we are on a team rather than personal competitions with each other. Even though we push each other to work to our full capacity, the idea of each one of use working as a group to accomplish goals makes me proud to be a member. So let’s keep it going and move on to bigger and better things.


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