Challenge Day 23

BW: 180.8 (that’s better)

WOD: 50 each of: squats, right arm push press (50#), sit-ups, db swings (50#), push ups, left arm push press (50×20, 40×30), walking lunges, broad jumps, v-up, burpees (yay burpees!) [30:29]


7:30 – 8 oz of skim milk

11:30 – 2 string cheese, 1 large apple, 1 pint of skim milk

12:00 – 16 oz of water

17:00 – 1 large orange, 12 oz of skim milk, 2 0z smoked turkey

20:15 – 3 oz smoked turkey, 12 oz of water, 1 string cheese, 1 apple

21:30 – 1 honey flavored Greek Gods yogurt

22:45 – 2 scrambled eggs, 2 tablespoons of salsa (good stuff, not the chemically enhanced stuff), 24 oz of skim milk

The workout today was pretty tough. However, it was something else to be able to be indoors with such a huge crowd. Really awesome! I can’t wait for the official grand opening. I’ve been feeling really good lately with how my fitness has improved. I’d like to see some better results weight-wise, but I think it’s getting there. Especially if I can get the Zone diet all started up. Hope that’ll happen within the next couple weeks, at least just to try. I’m still learning how to get creative with my meals, so I guess I’ll just keep working on variety. It’s cool that people are starting to become aware of how much my body has changed. Hope it doesn’t stop!

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One Comment on “Challenge Day 23”

  1. Marc-James Says:

    keep up the GREAT work, man! Yeah, definitely need some variety on your meals. check out other blogs (especially, he’s THE HEAD CHEESE teaching the nutrition cert’s) for some ideas. If you do ZONE, good luck!

    Performance-wise, you’re doing awesome. physically, the weight might not be going down as fast as you want because your losing weight AND building muscle! everything in moderations tho, bud.

    one more thing. MORE VEGES! salads salads salads. great way to substitute carbs. keep it up!

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