Challenge Day 20 — CHEATER!

BW: 179.4

Sleep: 6 hours

WOD: About 30 minutes of football at Relay for Life — until Jason got selfish and wanted to quit playing. JK, SLIM!!

Nutrition: (here we goo…)

7:30 – 16 oz of skim milk

8:30 – 12 oz of orange juice

10:15 – 2 omelets (maybe like 6 eggs or so. hahaha!) with onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, 4-5 oz of salsa, 4 strips of bacon, 16 oz of orange juice

12:30 – Soda. Damnit. I had a variety too from the soda fountain at work. Maybe ~ 10-12 oz total today.

15:30 – 2 bowls of cream of tomato and cheddar cheese soup, handful of the tortilla chip topping, 16 oz of water

16:30 – 16 oz of water

22:00 – 2 Capri Sun, 2 packages of fruit snacks

Man. I cheated. This sucks.

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